Selecting the Ideal Pickleball Destination

Have you ever considered organizing a trip to play pickleball? Discover the thrill of pickleball while you travel to some of the world’s most beautiful holiday spots. This is your chance to enjoy the best of both worlds, from gorgeous highlands to exotic beaches.

In the last five years, pickleball trips have grown astronomically in popularity, with many of them being guided by renowned professional players. These excursions attract tourists who want to unwind on vacation while honing their talents on the court. Here are some ideas for pickleball getaways in 2024.

Mexico, The US, and Canada Pickleball

North America is a considerable destination for pickleball lovers. Because so many of its resorts include pickleball courts, Mexico has become known as a pickleball vacation destination. There are more pickleball players in the US than in any other nation. As a result, there are now more pickleball courts indoors and outside. But when comparing states, pickleball players have the most options in California, Florida, and Texas. Do not miss Canada as a destination for pickleball holidays.

Spain’s Pickleball Scene

In addition to being a popular travel destination for Europeans, millions of pickleball players call Spain home. In actuality, five European countries are among the top ten in the world for pickleball player participation.

Enjoy fresh seafood and more when you visit the harbor city of Alicante. Additionally, you should go to some of Alicante’s historic landmarks, such as the magnificent Castillo de Santa Barbara.

New Zealand and Australia

If you’re planning a trip to Australia, check out the best time to go there. If you put in the miles, these nations will reward you. Australia’s most visited sites will undoubtedly include Ayer’s Rock and the Great Barrier Reef, two of the country’s most well-known monuments. Not only should you visit Sydney to see the famous opera house, but you should also find a pickleball club and play a few games there. It’s only a short hop to New Zealand. Admire the breathtaking environment there, which has served as the setting for several high-profile Hollywood productions. You’ll love this nation’s laid-back atmosphere. In addition to being relaxed and uncrowded, the cities provide pickleball courts.

Pickleball In Italy

Italy’s cities like Rome and Florence have a lot to offer tourists. Almost everyone has these on their bucket list. Florence’s historical landmarks, such as the Piazza del Duomo, draw a large number of visitors. But Pescara might be the place to be if you’re a real pickleball enthusiast. That’s because the Italian Open Pickleball Championships are held in Tocco Da Casauria in the region of Pescara.

The Pickleball Scene in England

Tennis players love pickleball, and so does London. The top tennis players in the world gather at Wimbledon each year. It should come as no surprise, then, that pickleball has become a national sport in tennis-mad Britain. Spend some time admiring London’s numerous sites. However, if the crowds become too overwhelming, you may decompress at one of the town’s many pickleball courts.

Final Thoughts

There are a ton of amazing places in the globe for tourists to explore; the difficult part is having to choose. But if you’re feeling adventurous and want to bring your pickleball hobbies with you, you’ll find some great spots to explore. Establish your vacation goals before selecting potential locations and checking out the pickleball courts in the area. In this manner, you may increase your social engagement while traveling and won’t miss the opportunity to play pickleball with locals.



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